Discourse analysis I & II

These session are devoted to the advancement of discourse analysis, with a broad set of studies based on discursive data. In what ways can ‘curiosity and serendipity’ manifest themselves in the field of discourse analysis? How do social scientists motivate themselves to further discursive studies, and do they design their studies to maximize the possibility of significant findings? The sessions will dwell on both the methodological position of discourse analysis and the epistemological contribution it makes to qualitative research today.

Discourse analysis I: Permanence and change. Session organizer: Mats Börjesson, 
Department of Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Discourse analysis II: Agendas and relevancies. Session organizer: Veronika Burcar, Department of Sociology, Lund University, Sweden.

The sessions are scheduled as number 2 and 20.



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