Lunch sessions

Jaber F. Gubrium
At lunch on Thursday September 20, Jaber F. Gubrium will present his thoughts about analytic inspiration, drawing on his forthcoming book chapter written together with James A. Holstein on analysis in ethnographic fieldwork (Sage Handbook of Qualitative Data Analysis, edited by Uwe Flick, London: SAGE).

A quotation from the manuscript:
“Slavish attention to procedure shackles the imagination. (…) Analytic inspiration is a way of seeing across the board. It brings into view what methods of procedure cannot do on their own.”

David Silverman
At lunch on Friday September 21, David Silverman will present the fourth updated edition of Interpreting Qualitative Data (SAGE, London 2011).

Words from the publisher:
“In this exciting and major updating of his bestselling, benchmark text, David Silverman walks the reader through the basics of gathering and analysing qualitative data. David Silverman offers beginners unrivalled hands-on guidance necessary to get the best out of a research methods course or an undergraduate research project.”

New to the fourth edition:

  • A new chapter on data analysis dealing with grounded theory, discourse analysis and narrative analysis.
  • A new chapter on preparing a research project.
  • Further worked-through examples of different kinds of data and how to interpret them.
  • A separate chapter on focus groups and interpreting focus group data.
  • An expanded ethics chapter.
  • More coverage of digital media and photographs as data.
  • A companion website with additional case studies and examples, links to SAGE journals online, and links to useful websites, podcasts and Youtube videos.

This fourth edition is also accompanied with its own group page on where users can give feedback and discuss research issues.


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