Narrative analysis I & II

Nowadays there is a well-established and analytically sophisticated approach – complete with its own vocabulary – with which to document and analyse stories and story-telling. The goal of these sessions is to facilitate a methodological and analytical exchange between scholars with an interest in developing narrative analysis with the help of new insights in the field. We also invite submissions on the combining of narrative data with other types of qualitative data; on the integration of narrative analysis into ethnographic reports; and on improvements to narrative analysis using sociological concepts and theories.

Narrative analysis I: Clents, patients and helpers. Session organizer: Elizabeth Martinell Barfoed, School of Social Work at Lund University, Sweden.

Narrative analysis II: Approaches and cases. Session organizer: Joakim Thelander, Kristianstad University, Sweden.

The sessions are scheduled as number 3 and 18.


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