Qualitative methods for visual data I & II

Visual data are of growing importance for qualitative research, because a wide array of visual forms is now increasingly used in almost all spheres of everyday life. Images, pictures, and other visual representations, and particularly the availability and omnipresence of video recordings, are profoundly transforming everyday culture, knowledge production, and communication. Correspondingly, recent years have seen a boom in new methodological approaches to the qualitative study of visual data. The aim of these sessions is to discuss the methodical issues and to consider empirical analyses related to video analysis or other visual data, including photography or diagrams. Papers on the methodological issues or empirical findings derived from visual data analysis are welcome.

Qualitative methods for visual data I: Video and videography. Session organizer: Bernt Schnettler, Sociology of Culture and Religion, University of Bayreuth, Germany.

Qualitative methods for visual data II: Photos and artifacts. Session organizer: Marcus Persson, Örebro University and Consumerlab, Ericsson, Sweden.

The sessions are scheduled as number 4 and 24.


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