Teaching qualitative methods

Quantitative methods are typically taught using lab sessions, which offer students practical training in the use of a variety of statistical techniques. The teaching of qualitative methods (particularly analysis), on the other hand, does not always have such a practical grounding, and on occasion is even devoid of hands-on assignments or useful exercises. Why is that? How to communicate the leading, the latest, the most precise ways of generating, analysing, and theorizing qualitative data, thereby ensuring that qualitative research traditions are both maintained and renewed? How do we cope with the predominant identification of qualitative research with naïve interview studies? How do we respond to our students’ scientistic, journalistic or confessional urges? This session, in addressing these and related questions, welcomes papers that report on a wide range of issues that scholars have come across when teaching qualitative methods.

Session organizer: David Silverman, (Emeritus Professor) Goldsmiths’ College, London University, UK.

The session is scheduled as number 10.


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